Online, live, interactive courses with John Two-Hawks, covering a range of interests. Some are one-time classes, others are multi-week courses. Click/Tap one of the courses below for info and to sign up!

Connect, Learn and Grow

Expand your Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Of Mist and Stone

    A deeply profound exploration into the sacred power of ancient mystery, unlocked by John's fascinating new book, 'Of Mist and Stone'.

  • Hidden Medicine

    A restorative, self empowering pathway to healing from abuse, as revealed in John's riveting book about his own healing journey, 'Hidden Medicine'.

  • Native Flute Lessons

    Join Grammy® nominated Native Flute virtuoso John Two-Hawks for an interactive, group learning experience with the Native American Flute.

  • Lifting for Healing

    Learn how building muscle can heal from the outside in. The importance of resistance training for a long, healthy, happy life. With training tips and more.

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Author, Artist, Coach

John Two-Hawks

John Two-Hawks is a Grammy® and Emmy® nominated recording artist, author and AFPA certified personal fitness trainer who offers global, Indigenous, earth-based approaches to physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness, and achieving a balanced life of purpose and passion. Visit John's Official Site at: